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Why Is My Garage Door Sticking?

A sticky or stuck garage door can be a frustrating problem, all the more because it’s often difficult to determine the root cause of the problem. Any number of components of a garage door system can be damaged or out of position, and the problem can range from easy to fix to very serious.

Before getting into potential reasons your garage may be sticking, it’s important to be mindful of the dangers of a potentially damaged or faulty garage door; we’re talking about a lot of weight and force moving in unexpected ways if something goes wrong. If the problem isn’t immediately obvious, leave garage door repair to the professionals!

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What Causes Garage Doors to Stick?

1) Off Track

If the rollers which move your garage door up and down have come off the track, or have poor contact due to a fitting issue or damage, then that’s going to prevent your garage door from moving properly—and forcing the issue may lead to the entire door coming down.

2) Damaged Springs or Pulley

The springs and pulleys of your garage door are what allow the heavy weight of the door to be moved with a minimum of added energy; if one or the other is damaged, then your door isn’t going anywhere. Springs have a finite life span that will run out eventually, so if you’re looking at an older or often-used garage door, this can be a common problem.

3) Damaged or Stuck Lock or Electronics

If your garage door doesn’t want to open at all, then you might have a problem with the lock. If the lock is stuck, the key or electronics operating it aren’t working, or it’s been damaged somehow, then obviously the door isn’t going to open—though it may be forced open reluctantly, depending on the exact nature of the problem.

4) Obstructed or Warped Track

If something gets in the way of the track, then your garage door won’t open. This can be some external object getting in the way, anything from garage clutter that found its way into the track to pests that chose the wrong place to sit and wait. It can also be a problem with the track itself, such as when the track has become warped or misshapen and thus obstructs the movement of the rollers without any external interference.

5) Panel Damage

A damaged panel can prevent your garage door from opening—and can present a serious hazard if the door does successfully open despite the problem. Be very alert to any damage to the panels of your door, and be careful if you know you’ve smashed something into one recently.

6) Weather

Weather can be a factor in a large number of these situations. Cold or hot weather can contract or expand your door, and if it isn’t installed with the right tolerances for your area (or if weather has been exceptional lately), the results can be unpredictable. This can range from a “fussy” door that gets stuck in certain weather to weather-induced warping and damage that will require replacement parts.

Garage Door Repair and Replacement in Leesburg, IN

As you can see, the list of reasons for a sticking garage door goes on and on. If you’ve looked through this list and you’re still not sure what the problem is, or it’s a problem beyond minor home troubleshooting, contact Mike’s Garage Door today and get immediate help with your Indiana garage door problems.

You can reach us online at any time, or call (574) 253-0279 to schedule garage door repair today!

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