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Why Doesn’t My Garage Door Open All the Way?

“Lately, my garage door doesn’t want to open or close all the way. It’s not a problem every time, and I can get my car in and out most of the time without too much fuss, but I’m worried that sooner or later it’s going to stick and stay that way. What’s causing this to happen and what should I do to get it back to normal?”

— Jack in Warsaw, IN

If you’re stuck with a garage door that won’t open, only opens halfway or won’t retract up, it can be a major inconvenience. This problem is fairly common with automatic garage door openers.

At Mike’s Garage Door, we can provide helpful solutions with professional garage door repair to get your door working again. 

Possible Causes

Finding the exact cause of your garage door problem is the key to making sure it’s repaired correctly and doesn’t happen again. It’s best to have a professional inspect your door, but there are common issues you can look for on your own. 


Sometimes, it’s the most obvious problem. Wedged rocks or sticks can obstruct the mechanical components of your garage door operator, causing it to malfunction. Removing the obstruction will allow your garage door arm to lift and close your door with ease. 

Improper Limit Settings 

All automatic garage doors come with a limit setting that controls the amount of force exerted to lift or close your garage door. An improper limit setting can result in your door only closing or opening halfway. Why?

The controls have signaled to the operator it has done its job — even if it hasn’t opened or closed properly. The door calibration can be thrown off from everyday use, so having your limit correctly reset can restore full function.

Problem With Force Adjustment Settings

If your door is malfunctioning, you may be dealing with a force adjustment setting issue, meaning the force limit may need to be changed for the door’s function to be restored.

You shouldn’t perform these repairs yourself because the garage door mechanisms used to lift and close your doors can cause serious injury without safe handling. 

Rusty or Jammed Rollers 

Your garage door rollers play a crucial role in sliding your doors up and down during everyday use. These critical parts should be occasionally cleaned and greased/oiled to deter rust or jams.

Stuck or broken springs could also be the root of your garage door issues. Ensuring the springs are lubricated keeps your door performing optimally year-round while preventing the risk of damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fix the problem myself? 

  • Removing rocks or sticks can seem like a simple and quick fix, and sometimes it is. However, to restore function safely and effectively to your doors, we recommend hiring a professional. This prevents the risk of personal injury or further damage to your operator system.

Should I just replace my garage doors?

  • Your garage doors shouldn’t require frequent repairs for normal opening and closing operations. If your doors require constant professional attention, it may be time to get your garage doors replaced. Our professionals can inspect your doors to determine the best options available.

Will Cleaning My Garage Door Help?

  • It seems like an unlikely solution, but cleaning your garage doors helps them operate better. However, while preventative care can help, it doesn’t resolve major issues. To get a better understanding of how you should clean your garage doors, contact a contractor for more comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Go With Leesburg, IN’s Trusted Garage Door Company

If you have a stuck or halfway closing garage door in the Michiana or Lakes region, there’s only one company to turn to: Mike’s Garage Door. We offer a full suite of garage door repair services and professional replacement and installation.

We’re part of the trusted IBP Family of Companies, and our experts have been in the business for almost 30 years. We have the experience and skills to help you with all your garage door needs to make your home as convenient as possible. 

At Mike’s Garage Door, we provide fast, reliable garage door repairs, with same-day services when possible.

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